Should You Get Veneers?

There are a number of dental treatments available today to fix damaged or not-so-perfect looking teeth and dental veneers are one of them. These are affixed over your natural teeth with a strong bonding material and they change the appearance of your teeth.  These veneers tend to work in a more predictable manner when the enamel has finish lines. This is because enamel bonding is far stronger than dentin bonding.

This also means that for patients who are older and who are looking for an esthetic makeover, crowns become the better option. So though it seems like affixing dental veneers to your natural teeth is a good option to give you that perfect smile you wanted, take a look at why this may not always be the case:

Dental Veneers- The Disadvantages

  • Firstly, this isn’t a reversible process
  • They are more expensive compared to composite resin bonding
  • Since the enamel from the teeth is removed before fixing them, your teeth can become quite sensitive to cold and hot beverages and foods
  • Veneers don’t match the natural color of your teeth perfectly
  • Once the veneer is in place, it’s not possible to alter their color
  • In case you are planning on getting your teeth whitened, you will have to do so before the veneers are fit
  • Though it’s not something that happens commonly, at times these veneers can get dislodged and fall off. The one way to minimize this is to not bite your nails, any hard objects, ice, pencils etc. It’s also important that you don’t pressurize your teeth
  • Teeth that have veneers on them are still prone to decay; if that occurs, the entire  tooth will have to be covered using a crown
  • This treatment is not suitable for individuals who have periodontal disease or decayed teeth
  • Its not suitable for people who have inadequate enamel on the surface of their natural teeth
  • Porcelain veneers are unsuitable for those who grind or clench their teeth

Ask your dentist

As you can see, there are a number of downsides to getting dental veneers fitted. However, a number of people with healthy but not very perfect teeth do find that veneers are the best option   to improve the appearance of their smile.

If you feel you may want to consider this treatment, you should consult your dentist. He will provide you sound advice based on the condition of your teeth and your specific requirements.

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