What Does a Deerfield Beach Dentist Do?

General Dentistry emphasizes on preventive oral care. What this means is that if you look after your teeth well now, you will have fewer problems to deal with later. A general dentist essentially examines your gums and teeth as well as your overall oral health. No matter how regularly you brush and floss your teeth, it’s just not possible to completely eradicate the bacteria and food particles in your mouth.

Over time the food particles and bacteria form plaque; in turn, this leads to cavities & gum disease. The one thing you must be wondering here is whether there is any way to avoid this. Of course there is. You just have to make it a point to visit your Deerfield Beach Dentist at least twice a year. Regular dental checks helps the dentist spot any type of problems early and he is able to treat them before the issue gets aggravated.

Deerfield Beach DentistGeneral Dentistry Services  

A general Deerfield Beach Dentist will create a customized dental plan for you; this will take into account your individual needs. The different types of general dentistry services are:

  • Comprehensive Exams– The ADA recommends that ideally teeth should be examined every three to six month. This helps nip dental problems in the bud.
  • Professional Cleanings– These should be done every 6 months. This helps get rid of bad breath and improves the appearance of your teeth.
  • Fillings– In case tooth decay has already set in & a cavity has formed in a particular tooth, it will be cleaned and then filled with tooth-colored resin that bonds very strongly with the teeth. It’s also possible to use composite fillings in this work.
  • Fluoride Treatments– Regular fluoride treatments play a crucial role in preventing cavities from emerging in the teeth. The Deerfield Beach Dentist will also tell you which of the oral hygiene products will be ideal for your teeth & gums.

In addition to these services, your Deerfield Beach Dentist can provide treatments such as sealants, root canal, extractions etc. The simple fact is that it’s possible to maintain your teeth and gums in a good condition if you maintain good oral hygiene. It’s important not to ignore any aches in your teeth, and go and get a dental checkup done. Early detection of dental problems can go a long way in saving you the hassle and expense of getting complex issues fixed later.

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