What’s Causing Our Tooth Decay?

There is no complex explanation to this question. The answer is straight and simple- the excessive carbohydrates and sugar that we consume lead to decayed teeth. Tooth decay causing bacteria thrive on these foods; this in combination with poor oral hygiene and a poor diet become the perfect concoction for tooth health disaster. The fact is that many people crave carbohydrates and sweets and will be very reluctant to eliminate them from their diet.

Things to Do

Though that may be the case, there are some things we can proactively do to mitigate all the damage that carbohydrates and sugar do to our bodies and teeth, such as:

  • It’s important to consume a balanced diet that has less of sweets and carbohydrates
  • Maintaining good oral hygiene helps
  • You should get your teeth examined and professionally cleaned from a dentist
  • Limit our consumption of sweetened drinks and sweet snacks

Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of NY City had attempted to limit the size of different sugary drinks served at theaters and restaurants. However, rather than being a government regulation, it’s something that people should voluntarily follow.

Some Facts

The snacking habit that many people have, becomes the fast track to consuming surgary products. When we snack all the time, we incessantly bombard our teeth with cavity-causing sugars. Here are some facts:

  • When you consume sugar in the form of a dessert with your meals, the sugar tends to stay in your mouth for around 20 minutes. This also means, on an average, meals tend to expose us to these cavity-causing foods for almost an hour every day.
  • Including more refined sources of sugar is one of the worst things you can do to your teeth and the foods to avoid are soda, potato chips, candy and white bread. Not only are they bad for your teeth, but they harm your health too.
  • The drinks that do the most harm are ones that are sweetened and acidic. The acid in these drinks makes the enamel of the teeth more likely to erode & develop decay.

It’s also important to note that the structure of your teeth, their position and hardness play a very vital role in the health of your teeth and the manner in which they react to different foods. Genetics also has a role to play in how healthy your teeth stay during your lifetime. Despite this, your habits are the ones that eventually determine what will happen to your teeth. So, don’t skip those annual visits to the dentist and don’t shun that dental floss either.

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