How do Mouth Guards Prevent Traumatic Dental Injuries?

In the summer months, kids end up spending much longer hour’s outdoors- they indulge in various outdoor activities and in sports too. Though all of this sounds good, there are times when they suffer traumatic dental injuries; these commonly occur from sports, falls as well as other outdoor-specific activities and can result in chipping or dislodgement of teeth. In some cases, the tooth/teeth may get knocked-out too.

How Can DentalInjuries Be Prevented

Dr. Maureen L. O’Flanagan and her team of expert dentists are here to deal with any traumatic dental injury. Based on the nature of the injury, your child may require esthetic restoration or root canal treatment. In case the tooth has been knocked-out or dislodged, we will reimplant the tooth or fit a splint. In case of severe trauma, the child may end up losing the tooth.

The fact is that traumatic dental injuries cause a great deal of discomfort and pain and in some cases, it can also leave your child with long-term cosmetic consequences. At times, the dental work required may be expensive as well. The effective way of reducing dental trauma is to prevent the injuries from occurring in the first place.


About Mouth Guards

Making your child use a mouth guard is one way of protecting his/her teeth from damage from a fall or hit. There are different types of mouth guards available, such as:

  • Ready-made
  • Boil-and-bite type
  • Custom-made

Protecting Your Kids Teeth

Mouthguards provide effective protection for your child’s teeth. Different mouth guards are priced differently and provide varying levels of comfort. In order that a guard is effective, it has to fit very well, be comfortable, sturdy & resilient as well. The fit has to be perfect and should not restrict your child’s speech/breathing in any way.

Custom-made Mouth Guards

With this view, it’s best to opt for custom-made mouth guards. These will be made specifically for your child and will fit very comfortably. It will also provide your child’s teeth adequate protection. Don’t let dental injury worries prevent you from permitting your child to play out in the open. Enquire with us about custom-made mouth guards for your child. For more information, call Dr. Maureen L. O’Flanagan’s Deerfield Beach Dental Practice on 954-427-3755. You can also contact us via this form. You are assured of the best treatments and dental care.

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