No Pain After Root Canal – Am I in the Clear?

Root canal treatment is very commonly used to treat teeth that have developed deep cavities. Most people who have got this treatment done feel that it means the end of pain in that tooth; and in most cases, the treated tooth won’t hurt. So does it mean that everything’s fine forever?

This may be true in most cases (one goal of root canal treatment is to eliminate the pain). Even if a root canal is failing, it won’t cause any immediately noticeable symptoms. If you feel that your root canal is giving some trouble and you visit your dentist, in most probability he will take a Periapical X-ray. This allows him to view all the areas around the tooth.

 Signs of a Failing Root Canal

Healthy teeth will have intact periodontal bone and ligaments surrounding them. A radiograph helps to ascertain whether the root is still working. A tooth that has a failing root canal tends to have some sort of derangement in its surrounding tissues; bacteria inside that tooth may lead to an infection as well.

At times, a small fracture or poorly-placed post preparation may cause a lateral radiolucency, which in turn can lead to missing bone on the side of that tooth. Most of these problems are clearly visible on a radiograph, and your dentist will be able to give you a clear-cut answer only after he has viewed the radiographs and performed a hands-on examination of that tooth.

What Can be Done if a Root Canal Fails?

Many people wonder whether root canals are really effective and ask their dentist about whether the treatment can fail. The fact is that nothing can entirely replace your tooth. However, if a root canal is done well, with the right kind of filling/ crown, by a credible dentist, it has quite a high success rate. In almost 85% of cases, this treatment can last a lifetime.

In the event that the tooth does get infected years down the line, retreatment is still possible. In this procedure, the root canal will be retreated by re-cleaning all the insides of the roots; each canal will be disinfected and obtruded. In some cases, the tooth may require an apicoectomy. This microsurgery procedure is used to remove the root tip.

These modern techniques of microsurgeries and restatements work very well. However, as mentioned earlier, a root canal that has been done well will last a  lifetime.

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