Sure Fire Ways to Avoid Teeth Staining

There are several things that can cause your teeth to stain and become yellow. These things can be embarrassing, especially when you’re at a party and need a pearly white smile despite the lovely glass of red in your hand. Drinks like wine, tea, cola, sodas and foodstuffs like berries, red beets, some sauces, and sweets can stain your teeth. You can spend your life avoiding them, or you can try some of the methods listed below to avoid stained teeth.

1 – Sip through the Straw

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll want to drink wine or coffee through a straw, but you can drink juices, iced-teas, sodas, colas, etc, through the straw without feeling childish. By drinking through the straw, you can stop the liquid from coming in contact with the front of your teeth and avoid obvious stains.

2 – Brush your Teeth before Meals

This is a particularly useful tip when you’re planning on consuming red wine, which generally doesn’t color the enamel of your teeth. Rather, wine stains the plaque accumulated on them. You can avoid this by simply brushing your teeth before your meals.

3 – Drink Water

One sure way to avoid staining is to drink water at frequent intervals. You can discreetly swirl the water in your mouth to wash away the stains that haven’t managed to sink in yet.

4 – Swallow Quickly

If the foods and drinks have little contact with your teeth, they can’t stain them. If you swallow quickly after you consume these, you’ll avoid the colors and tannins in your food and drink coming into prolonged contact with your teeth. Mind, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t chew your food before swallowing.

5 – Say Cheese

This a great tip and it makes sense why people often consume wine and cheese together. Cheese coats your teeth with calcium, but it also plugs in little pores on the surface, making it difficult for the stains to settle into the enamel. Having hard cheeses that are rich in calcium would help prevent staining.

6 – Add Milk to your Coffee

If you’re an avid fan of coffee, you might want to start adding rich animal milk to it instead of going for Americano or Espresso. The milk proteins bind polyphenols, which cause the staining. Keep in mind that only high-fat animal milk works, Soy milk or almond milk won’t cut it.

If you follow these tips, you might avoid staining your teeth. You can also get your teeth whitened from your dentist every once in a while to maintain that pearly white smile.

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