What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Dentists usually explicitly state that they offer cosmetic dentistry services to their patients; some even practice it exclusively. However, what does cosmetic dentistry actually mean? What does it involve?

Generally, cosmetic dentistry involves any dental work that’s performed to simply improve the appearance of your teeth, bite or gums. Most people who opt for it, generally have perfectly functioning teeth.

Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Dentists can perform a number of procedures to improve your smile. Most of these procedures don’t cause any pain; they correct flaws in the setting or appearance of your teeth.

  • Porcelain Veneers: These are extremely thin, medical-grade ceramic shells that are custom made and adhere to the front of your teeth. These need to be individually crafted and designed to fit each patient properly. Ill-fitting veneers wouldn’t enhance the appearance of your teeth. The material very closely resembles the natural enamel of your teeth, ensuring that they don’t look fake or out-of-place.
  • Bonding: Bonding is a quick and hassle-free way to close the gaps or spaces between the teeth and a dental composite is used to fill in the gaps in between them. It is a natural tooth-colored resin that hardens post application. Since it blends-in with the surface of your natural teeth, it doesn’t seem out of place.
  • Dental Crowns: Dental crowns are generally used to repair broken or chipped teeth, but they can also be used to improve the appearance of your smile. They’re essentially caps that cover the teeth, & are cemented in place so they don’t fall off.
  • Whitening: This is a procedure to whiten your teeth using a special product. The dentist would generally cover your gums with protective gel or shield before applying the whitening agent on your teeth.
  • Dental Implants: A dentist might use dental implants to replace lost or damaged teeth, which improves the overall appearance of your smile.

When to consider cosmetic dentistry

Most people are hesitant to go to a dentist when they have a problem. Fewer still might consider going to a dentist just to correct some flaw in appearance. However, cosmetic dentistry can improve your appearance and give you greater confidence. If you find yourself getting embarrassed about smiling in front of others, or tend to cover your mouth while doing so, you might want to opt for cosmetic dentistry. As mentioned above, you can get your teeth whitened, close visible gaps immediately and get an enviable smile.

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