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5 Dental Tips for a Bright & Healthy Smile

Having a white and healthy smile is one of the most effective ways of creating a lasting impression. The fact is that your smile is one of the first things people will notice when they meet you. Dr. Maureen L. O’Flanagan and her team of experienced dentists help you maintain oral health and a bright […]

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How do Mouth Guards Prevent Traumatic Dental Injuries?

In the summer months, kids end up spending much longer hour’s outdoors- they indulge in various outdoor activities and in sports too. Though all of this sounds good, there are times when they suffer traumatic dental injuries; these commonly occur from sports, falls as well as other outdoor-specific activities and can result in chipping or […]

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What Exactly is Preventive Dentistry?

Just like any other preventive therapy, preventive dentistry is a way of helping you maintain good oral health. It helps in protecting your teeth from decay, which also means you will have to visit your dentist less often too. The primary causes of tooth loss are dental decay & gum disease. The more effectively you […]

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Dental’s Not the Priority for Obamacare

Florida has the highest number of people enrolled in Obamacare, with nearly 1.6 million people opting for it in 2015. With that number, the state surpassed California’s 1.4 million to lead the country. And yet, those who find the need for dental insurance suddenly find the act lacking. Dental is definitely not covered comprehensively by […]

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Teledentistry gains speed all over the country

You might have heard of telemarketing, but teledentistry is a new concept to almost everyone who hears the term for the first time. The aim of teledentistry is to allow people to gain access to proper dental care. The program intends to reach people who might not be able to come to the dentist’s office […]

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What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Dentists usually explicitly state that they offer cosmetic dentistry services to their patients; some even practice it exclusively. However, what does cosmetic dentistry actually mean? What does it involve? Generally, cosmetic dentistry involves any dental work that’s performed to simply improve the appearance of your teeth, bite or gums. Most people who opt for it, […]

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How Neuromuscular Dentistry Techniques can address TMJ

It is rare for people to connect oral pain or even discomfort to something as specific as a temporal mandibular joint disorder. According to dentists, this is a fairly common disorder characterized by headaches or migraines, the inability to fully open the mouth, a popping sensation in the jaw or difficulty chewing. Many people just […]

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How to Stop Grinding Your Teeth at Night

Teeth grinding or nocturnal bruxism is more common than we think, especially in these times of pressure and stress. Most people don’t realize that they’re grinding their teeth at night, even when they wake up with headaches, a sore jaw, and similar symptoms. There are several reasons why you might suffer from bruxism. It can […]

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Sure Fire Ways to Avoid Teeth Staining

There are several things that can cause your teeth to stain and become yellow. These things can be embarrassing, especially when you’re at a party and need a pearly white smile despite the lovely glass of red in your hand. Drinks like wine, tea, cola, sodas and foodstuffs like berries, red beets, some sauces, and […]

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No Pain After Root Canal – Am I in the Clear?

Root canal treatment is very commonly used to treat teeth that have developed deep cavities. Most people who have got this treatment done feel that it means the end of pain in that tooth; and in most cases, the treated tooth won’t hurt. So does it mean that everything’s fine forever? This may be true […]

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