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Anti-Inflammatories & Salt Help Alleviate Tooth Pain

Anyone who has suffered from any form of dental disease knows that it can cause pain; every person will have suffered a toothache at one or the other point in their life. It can be a result of a variety of conditions including caries, a fractured filling, a cracked/ broken tooth, peri-apical infection, exposed dentin, […]

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Teeth Whitening in Boca Raton

Everyone would love to have a set of white, beautiful teeth. Some people are born with brilliant white teeth, others find them yellowing due to age and habits. Yellow or stained teeth can ruin your smile, which can be embarrassing in social situations. Most people understand that there are ways to whiten the teeth. Some […]

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How to Choose the Right Dentist?

Visiting a dentist is daunting enough for most people, but finding the right one to visit can be an even more fearsome task. People who move into a new place, or need to find a replacement for their old dentist, find themselves swimming in choices. Finding the right dentist will directly impact just how willing […]

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How Bi-Annual Check-Ups Help you Avoid Dental Problems

Most people would rather avoid dentists if they can. This fact is almost universally applicable. Because of this, there are many who’ll forgo Bi-annual check-ups and visit the dentist only if they have a problem. The problem with this habit is that you’re waiting for your teeth to develop issues before you address them. Should […]

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What’s Causing Our Tooth Decay?

There is no complex explanation to this question. The answer is straight and simple- the excessive carbohydrates and sugar that we consume lead to decayed teeth. Tooth decay-causing bacteria thrive on these foods; this in combination with poor oral hygiene and a poor diet become the perfect concoction for tooth health disaster. The fact is […]

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Should You Get Veneers?

There are a number of dental treatments available today to fix damaged or not-so-perfect looking teeth and dental veneers are one of them. These are affixed over your natural teeth with a strong bonding material and they change the appearance of your teeth.  These veneers tend to work in a more predictable manner when the […]

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What Does a Deerfield Beach Dentist Do?

General Dentistry emphasizes preventive oral care. What this means is that if you look after your teeth well now, you will have fewer problems to deal with later. A general dentist essentially examines your gums and teeth as well as your overall oral health. No matter how regularly you brush and floss your teeth, it’s […]

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Best 5 Dental Tips from an Expert Dentist in Deerfield Beach FL

It is said that when you meet someone for the first time, the very first thing they notice is your smile and the first impression they form about you may also be based on that smile. Having a shiny white smile is an excellent way to create a lasting impression. Here are a few tips […]

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